Monday, 7 January 2013

Intimates At Free People

Never was there Ever... online shopping destination that was so carefully edited that it made me want ALL of the things they showcased. Free People has finally landed on UK soils and my goodness there are a lot of things to be found on this white washed website. 

Browsing through their 'intimates' section is like suddenly finding oneself on a secluded white sand beach, toes in the cold salty water, bottom on fine grained sand and face to the sun! Dream on. We're right smack-bam in January's bleak, bluesy belly.... WELL TACKLE IT WITH DAY DREAMING. That's what I say. I find planning a weekend away and making lists infinitely soothing. Right now I am imagining wearing the grey crop top above with a matching pencil skirt and strappy heels to go out dancing.... NA na na naaaaaaa. Check out Free People for yourselves and go on a little day trip to imaginations infinite realms of joy.

Now, I should be receiving my new camera charger ASAP and so I can finally (after losing my Iphone and hence camera) have a way of taking some pics. I have so many things to share with you, from Christmas presents, to new bargain finds, Deuxieme goodies and outfit posts. Bring on the camera charger!

Merry Monday!

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