Tuesday, 12 February 2013

In My Bathroom: Draped

Lambswool Jumper: The Collection
Skirt: SABA
Cashmere tights: M & S
Tweed Slippers: Etro


...Is the word of the month. Along with the colour "grey", (see faithful use of it above) I have realised the enormous potential of having skirts in one's wardrobe. Why have I only just seen the light?, I ask you! They are AWESOME. The drapey black number above is by an Aussie label called SABA.(shop skirts here) The problem I have with this blog is that as all my clothes are from the dress agency I work in, it is so rare I can give an actual link to an item as they are pretty much all from past seasons. HOWEVER, I will try and get into the habit of finding a similar item for ya's. So let's give it a go! Here is the nearest I can find and guess what? "WHAT?" It's only £10... How much do you love me? 

Get it HERE.

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