Thursday, 28 March 2013

I need your help!

Today I am enlisting your help as I embark on a mission to try and conquer what I like to call my "Winter Skin". Dull and tired are not the words.... As Cheryl puts it so succinctly...

But in the absence of this....

What's a girl to do? What is the 411? What's the master plan, Kids? I know all about drinking your body weight in water, eating river loads of salmon and exfoliating with salts and oils. I'm up to my tiny ears with face creams and serums, balms, masks and remedies. What I am NOT so hot on is make up. I am just not a foundation girl and never have been. Bronzer is the furthest I have ventured and more recently a rather crappy BB cream. So give me your suggestions for the best foundations of ALL time EVER in the WORLD. I want glow, I want luminosity, I WANT TO BANISH THIS WINTER SKIN I'm in once and for all. (I also need to know whether I should get one of those foundation brushes)

Help a Charlie today.

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