Saturday, 28 January 2012

Walk The Line

Clip Clop Clip Clop

Merry Saturday homies. Well it is for some of us. SOME of us are at work. Sigh. I have recently discovered the marvells of a good pair of shoes after spending pretty much (all) most of the time trying to slum it in unruly second hand toerags from Ebay. The above are a selection of my nearest and dearest. A shoe for every occassion. Perfectly rescilliant to all types of unforseen circumstances, are the entourage above. The red studded babes were £12 in the Zara sale. Real leather I tell you, and about the coolest and most comfortable high shoes I have ever laid my fair feet 'pon. The tweedy slipper shoes with the red piping are by Etro at Deuxieme (the shop I work in and can't stop banging on about) We have (by the by) opened a new little sister shop called Deuxieme Too! just accross the road which is selling more high end designer and it has a vintage section by Love Miss Daisy. The suede western boots are from Dorothy Perkins and they are THE BEST BLOODY BOOTS I HAVE EVER MET IN ALL MY TWENTY FOUR YEARS OF LIVING. My mum fell in love with them and she fears a purchase is iminent...God save our souls. The other boots are from a charity shop and H & M respectively. The pointed toes on the furthest away boots are great, real great. So that's it. Now I'm going to browse summer holidays...Figi anyone?

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